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Why do you choose garnet?

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There are many abrasives used for blast cleaning. Why garnet abrasive is suitable, here listed some guides to this abrasive media type.

1> Reusable

Garnet is a Recyclable Abrasives :

Reusable shot blasting abrasives tend to be higher in cost than expendable abrasives. Reusable blast media is generally used in indoor 'closed circuit' environments such as shot blast chambers or blast cabinets, were the media can be recovered and re-used. 

LM garnet is an Almandine Rock Garnet, it could be resued for 3-5 times.

2> Particle Size

Garnet Abrasive is available in a range of particle sizes – normally stated in Micron, mm, or Mesh.

The bigger the blasting media particle size, the greater anchor profile it will make.

The more particles in the stream, the more work is accomplished in the same time. If the abrasive is too fine, the require depth profile will not be achieved which can lead to defects in the applied coating.

LM Garnet is crushed from garnet rock by crushers and rod mill. So we can control and get coarse sizes to fine sizes.

3> Shape

 The shape of the abrasive grain affects the performance of the media. Very angular grains may tend to break down more readily than sub-rounded grains, forming greater amounts of dust.

LM Garnet is crushed from garnet rock, it is a Sub-Angular abraisive.

4> Non- metallic abrasive

LM Garnet is an Non- Metallic abrasive, it is a natural mineral being crushed from Almandine Rock, it is an very Enviroment-friendly abrasive.

5> Hardness

Generally speaking, the harder the particle, the deeper the profile it will impart.  This harness of a material can be measured on the MOHS scale.  Grnet as a harder abrasive will produce a greater surface profile.

LM Garnet hardness is 7.5-8.0 Mohs.

6> Density

Dense particles impact with more kinetic energy over a smaller surface area, resulting in a deeper profile.

LM Garnet has a super density 1.9-2.4 g/cm3.